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Spencer Densch is the motivated creator behind Sirocco Landscapes.

Spencer has a flair for design, hard work, and an unsurpassed work ethic. Together with one Ford Ranger, a lawnmower, an assortment of landscaping tools, and a boatload of determination and perseverance, Spencer have transformed Sirocco Landscapes into the award-winning success that it is today.

Now in their 17th season, Sirocco Landscapes has worked with over 3000 clients in Kamloops and the surrounding area to create gorgeous landscaping and softscaping projects of all sizes, both commercially and residentially. Sirocco Landscapes is dedicated to providing its staff with an enviable working environment where integrity and enjoyment go hand in hand. We have worked hard to develop a reputation that is as solid as our hardscaping amongst our clients, staff, competition, and most importantly, our community as a whole.

Our Vision

Sirocco Landscapes is recognized for our unparalleled proven methodology, sustainable ideology, and use of modern techniques. While providing our people with an enviable working environment and staff culture, we provide each client with a comprehensive landscaping experience.

Our Mission

Sirocco Landscapes has a mission to comprehend all, and even the unexpressed, needs of our clients while utilizing our distinctive artistic mastery and attentive eye for detail.
The Sirocco experience will ease the mind & inspire the imagination by building solid foundations with solid principles.

Our Values

At Sirocco Landscapes we recognize that our talented people are our most valuable asset when satisfying the needs of our discerning clientele. By understanding our underlying principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, diligence, and commitment, our staff will realize their individual potential while benefiting each crew and the company as a whole.
At Sirocco Landscapes our mandate is to provide our team with a work culture where diversity is embraced, quality of life is enhanced, and individual aspirations are fulfilled.


Sirocco Landscapes is the humble recipient of many awards for the projects carried out in Kamloops and the surrounding area. While accolades have never been our top priority, we have graciously accepted the awards bestowed upon us. We are perpetually grateful to our fantastic team, and especially our clients for their continued support and enthusiasm. Without you, Sirocco Landscapes wouldn’t be where it is today.