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Seasons - Winter

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Landscaping is a year round job, whether you’re planning for next growing season or keeping things green through the Summer heat, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during each season.

Winter at last! It’s time to hit the slopes and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family! Kamloops experiences weather in extremes. During the summer, temperatures soar above 40 degrees and then in winter temperatures can fall as low as minus 30! With such a diverse climate, Kamloops offers the best of both summer and winter activities.

The winter is an opportunity to reflect on the success of your landscaping and gardening projects over the past year. Professional gardeners and lawn care specialists keep a detailed record of how their garden performed each year, taking into account the weather and any environmental factors that might have influenced the success of their gardens. You can start your own gardening journal by simply jotting down what went well and what didn’t!

The winter is the best time of year to daydream about potential new landscaping projects for the upcoming year. Take advantage of the time you would have spent watering, weeding, and mowing your lawn by drawing up landscaping plans, and speaking with the professionals who will bring your projects to life!

This year, Sirocco Landscapes is celebrating our 12th season! For more than a decade, our qualified team has been transforming properties in and around Kamloops into climate appropriate retreats. In addition to exterior projects, Sirocco Landscapes also carries out residential and commercial Plantscaping installations! Plantscaping can include living walls, indoor water features, portable tropical and native plants that live in designer pots, and indoor Xeriscaping. Studies prove that living and working alongside live plants improves overall health and wellbeing. Taking into consideration Kamloops’ long winters, being able to enjoy the sound of moving water as well as living plants while cooped up indoors can make homes and offices a more enjoyable, relaxing space!

To discuss an upcoming project or learn more about the services offered by Sirocco Landscapes, contact us on our website!